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Panasonic To Bundle ReplayTV

ReplayTV has picked up a big partner to tout its personal digital recording technology through a deal with Panasonic. Under the terms of the deal, the personal electronics giant will begin bundling ReplayTV's digital recording technology in its upcoming TV combination product, the PV-SS2710 TV/ShowStopper Hard Disk Recorder.

Combining a 27-inch Panasonic television with ReplayTV, the PV is scheduled to hit electronics retail stores before the end of February, with a retail price of $899.95. With the new product, customers will have an instant plug-and-play digital recording service that enables users to "control" and record live television, including features like pause, instant replay, slow motion and extended digital recording (up to 30 hours).

ReplayTV's technology also enables users to create their own personal channels by bundling recordings of specific shows, including a keyword input that scours the airwaves for any show matching a user's preferences (like: "record all nature programs" or "record all shows starring David Hasslehoff").

The deal comes just months ReplayTV decided to throw in the towel in its quest to market its own television line. The company laid of 120 people in early December 2000, opting for a new strategy that focuses on licensing its technology to cable and satellite operators, and hardware makers.