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Scientific-Atlanta's Explorer 4000DVB Set-Top Box

The new Explorer 4000DVB digital set-top box was released Tuesday by Scientific-Atlanta.

The device is designed to play voice, data and video in a unit designed for Europe and other markets using the PAL video standard.

Scientific-Atlanta stated that the latest model supports worldwide standards such as DVB-C, PAL, DAVIC/DVB-RC, DOCSIS, and EuroDOCSIS, while providing the network operator with a choice of middleware and conditional access options.

The unit will be capable of delivering digital broadcast video and real-time, two-way interactive applications - such as Web browsing, e-mail, e-commerce, and video-on-demand - to the television, according to the company.

It will function as a home gateway with its integrated cable modem and provide broadband Net access speeds to a home computer, Voice-over-IP, and home networking capabilities. The unit uses the PowerTV operating system, an open source platform for software development and applications. The company stated that the 4000DVB will support a variety of middleware choices from vendors, and emerging standards as well.

Internal specifications of the 4000DVB include a RISC-based processor and hardware assisted circuitry for enhanced applications, networking, and graphics and video processing. System hardware will also include 20 to 84 MB of memory; dual 64/256 QAM tuners; integrated DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS modem; optional DAVIC/DVB-RC cable modem; PAL output with SCART connectors including USB, Ethernet, and dual Smart Card interfaces; and choice of PowerKEY conditional access (CA) system to use other CA systems to protect programming.