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360networks Lights European Network Segment

[London, ENGLAND] Network operator 360networks lit a major segment of it European fiber optic network on Thursday, spanning the U.K., France, Germany and Holland.

It will link up with 360atlantic, a transatlantic cable between Europe and North America that is due to enter service in the second quarter this year.

Around half the new segment is in Germany where it is already poised for use, pending German regulatory approval. The remaining miles will go into service next month.

Ashwin Chitamun, vice-president of 360networks' European division, said the occasion was an important milestone in 360networks' aggressive European rollout of broadband and colocation services.

"Our lit network will provide our customers in Western Europe seamless connectivity to our extensive global network linking four continents," said Chitamun.

360networks is not only laying fiber optic cables but is also establishing a massive 3.7 million square feet of network and server co-location space at strategic points worldwide. In the U.K. it has its European Networks Operation Center from which it continually monitors the global network.

By mid-2002, the planned network is expected to span 143,000 kilometers (89,000 miles), linking over a hundred cities in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

360networks says it obtains an improvement in efficiency and therefore a reduction in costs by lighting only those portions of its network needed in the immediate future.

Initially, the new European segment will operate at 60 gigabits per second, but it has the capacity to rise to 9.6 terabits per second when demand is sufficient.

360networks can be reached at www.360.net.