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Wireless Transfer of Whiteboard Notes for Handhelds

Electronics For Imaging Inc.(EFI), a networked printing technology company, Thursday released its ImagePort accessory for its existing eBeam system.

Its eBeam system captures whiteboard notes, such as those made by a presenter in a meeting, and transmits them for printing, sharing, editing, and saving on a network.

The eBeam system uses a sleeve around a typical dry-erase marker that act as as a trasmitter. The receivers are small, suction-cup mounted units that are placed on the upper-left and -right corners of the whiteboard in use. One of these connected receivers has a serial or USB cable for computer interface. There is a connected eraser that transmits as well.

The just-released ImagePort accessory sits between the upper right-hand receiver and the network printer. According to EFI, it enables the user to send the whiteboard notes to an infrared-enabled handheld device. Data stored on the handheld can then be transferred back to the user's computer or data from the device can be sent to the networked printer.

At the present time, the ImagePort supports only devices running the Palm OS v.3.0 or higher and the requisite eBeam Portal for the device is not yet available. The company stated that it intends to support other devices in the future but did not provide a date.

The ImagePort device is currently available from national retailers for an estimated MSRP of $249.