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Forrester Launches eBusiness Techrankings In Europe

London, ENGLAND -- Research firm Forrester announced Tuesday the European launch of its Web-based service for finding the best technology solutions in the burgeoning world of e-business software.

Named "eBusiness TechRankings," the service combines Forrester's strategic analysis with laboratory-based product testing, addressing such categories as commerce platforms, content management, application servers, and customer service applications.

Emily Nagle Green, managing director of Forrester's European headquarters in Amsterdam, said companies are currently spending millions of euros on the selection process itself -- which can take many months.

"TechRankings is an easy efficient tool that cuts through the hype from vendors and radically speeds the testing and selection process, delivering valuable time and investment savings," said Green.

In partnership with product testing laboratory Doculabs, Forrester assesses each product on over 100 attributes. It then presents the results, complete with a full analysis, via its interactive research database.

"With our analysis and hard data at their fingertips, users are better-positioned to select the right technology platform, negotiate a contract, or implement a new product," said Ted Schadler, group director at Forrester and chief architect behind the latest offering.

One of the most comprehensive services of its kind, TechRankings blends laboratory-based product testing, vendor analysis, and user interviews to help clients find products that will meet their e-business needs.

Still a relatively new approach -- Forrester introduced TechRankings in the U.S. during October 2000 -- the service is proving popular with business. Its rigorous and objective testing is also seen as being fair to vendors, who are not charged for their participation in TechRankings.

Forrester says it will introduce additional categories of product during the year while continuing to update all existing categories. At this rate, the job of maintaining the database will grow exponentially, as other product evaluation providers have discovered.