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YES Selects NDS For Interactive TV Services

Jerusalem, ISRAEL -- Israel satellite broadcaster YES has selected technology from NDS Group (NNDS), which has a major office in Jerusalem, to provide advanced interactive services to YES customers.

Based on NDS's Value@TV interactive infrastructure, features will include horoscopes, weather, traffic, various games and e-mail services.

YES said its digital customers may soon be able to use these services on their TV screens at the touch of a button. Future subscriber services are expected to include T-commerce, banking applications and other enhanced television applications.

NDS, a News Corp subsidiary, was the primary systems integrator when YES launched last year. NDS provides access and a three-language electronic program guide in Hebrew, English and Russian, which is expandable to add extra languages.

"Israel continues to be an early adopter of digital television, and specifically interactive television," NDS Israel General Manager Raffi Kesten said.

YES Managing Director Shlomo Liran said YES and NDS will offer exciting interactive services.

"Using a remote control or cordless keyboard, our subscribers will be able to play games online, send and receive e-mail messages and send text messages to mobile phones," he said. "These new facilities will be available to all of our customers, as well as existing services like ordering films and program information."

YES offers channels to meet a variety of tastes and has introduced high-quality audio and video broadcasts to Israel. For the first time, Israeli subscribers are able to choose their viewing packages and pay according to what they choose. Cable providers in Israel do not offer tiered services. YES launched last July.