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Aspiro, Wysdom to Swap Trans-Atlantic SMS Traffic

[London, ENGLAND] Mobile Internet enablers Aspiro, of Sweden, and Wysdom Inc., of the U.S., announced Thursday an agreement to deliver SMS traffic to each other's customers across the Atlantic.

The deal means that Wysdom's customers will be able to reach over 200 GSM carriers in Aspiro's international SMS network, while Aspiro's customers will get access to 100 additional carriers in North America.

SMS -- or Short Messaging Service -- is becoming one of the hottest growth areas of telecommunications. In 2000, Europeans exchanged over 24 billion SMS messages, greatly in excess of the 2 billion sent in North America.

Lena Wittbjer, chief executive of Aspiro, sees huge potential for growth in North America, pointing out that there are currently more than 100 million wireless users in the North American market.

"Sending SMS messages in North America is still in its infancy compared with the volumes sent in Europe today, but the SMS trend looks very encouraging and adoption rates can grow quickly," said Wittbjer.

Wysdom Vice-President Glen Schmid noted that Aspiro is the largest independent supplier of SMS traffic in Scandinavia and said it would be an excellent partner, especially with its extensive European network.

The two companies have somewhat different profiles, Wysdom being primarily a developer of wireless software while Aspiro is essentially a service provider.

Founded in 1999, Wysdom employs around 250 people in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Its main product, the Mobyle Application Platform, enables enterprises, e-businesses and carriers to deploy mobile applications that interact with enterprise systems and data sources.

Headquartered in Sweden, Aspiro has offices in Luxembourg and the U.S., and employs around 133 people.