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The Quest for Improved Search is Still on with Inktomi

Continuing to help businesses improve search results, software maker and search engine magnate Inktomi Corp. revealed its Index Connect service to the public Wednesday.

The tool helps content publishers to better manage their content, control how frequently their site is crawled and make sure they are highly visible on the Web. Inktomi created the tool in support of its oft-repeated belief that as more pages pop on the Web, content purveyors need to find new ways of making sure their material is fresh and that their search engines crawl properly through the Web.

How does this work in context? Suppose an online news publication such as RedHerring.com desires to publish stories in real-time. With Index Connect, the organization would be able to control how frequently its site is crawled to make breaking news stories available in real-time. Or, take Amazon.com; the giant online seller of almost everything could publish updated inventory information and inform search engine users of timely special offers at its store.

Index Connect is also designed to incur revenue streams for its members as content publishers are charged a fee each time a user accesses their Web page through one of the Inktomi Index Connect network portals. Index Connect members, which include several Inktomi network portals, will benefit from increased revenue under the service's pay-for-performance model while providing their users with a larger offering of fresher content.

Figures for the potential revenue streams were not revealed Wednesday.

Current Index Connect content partners and participants include eBay, Epinions Inc., IDG, KQED Public Broadcasting, LAUNCH Media Inc., LookSmart, eLuminator, RollingStone.com, The Hunger Project and Virage.

"This new service gives content publishers more accurate representation in the search index while providing portals with an incentive for connecting users with the right information," said Troy Toman, vice president and general manager, Inktomi Search Solutions Division.

The service is the big brother to Inktomi's Search/Submit tool launched last summer, as it is targeted for large Web sites with more than 1,000 URLs.

Smaller content publishers with less than 1,000 URLs shouldsubscribe to Inktomi Search/Submit, which provides inclusion in the Inktomi search index and an automatic 48 hour refresh on the content submitted for an annual fee.