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16 Million Germans Are Interested in Computers, Telecommunications

The number of Germans extremely interested in computers and telecommunication has risen again considerably in the past two years from around 13.5 million to 16.3 million.

According to the most recently published Computerpresse reader analysis (Leseranalyse Computerpresse, or LAC/2001), one out of every four Germans 14 years of age or older is extremely or very interested in the subject of computers and in the use of computers, as well as in the transmission of voice, images or data using the computer.

The study, which has now been carried out four times with a total of 14,167 German citizens, shows that IT is continuing to gain ground in German households and companies.

According to the LAC/2001, 56 percent of German IT enthusiasts, or around 7 million people, have system expansions high on their wish lists. System expansions are products which expand or optimize an existing PC configuration, such as DVD drives or CD burners.

Twenty-seven percent of Germans interested in computers want to acquire PCs or workstations, 12 percent plan to buy mobile computers, 11 percent intend to purchase network components such as network cards, wireless LANs, fax software or ISDN cards.

A good 14 percent respectively want to acquire home banking software, Windows NT/Windows 2000, an 8x CD burner or faster, or a flatbed scanner for the home within the next 12 months. Just under 14 percent are considering the purchase of a DVD burner or a cordless mouse and keyboard.

More than half of the 5.5 million IT investment decision makers want to invest in system expansions (55 percent) and in PCs and workstations (51 percent) in their areas of work in the next 12 months. 52 percent plan to buy software, 38 percent intend to buy monitors or displays. Eight percent are already buying IT products on the Internet, and six percent are using IT mail order.