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Bluetooth to Find Lost Luggage

Bluetooth, touted as a cable replacement and a way of creating ad hoc personal networks, now is being touted as a way to prevent your luggage from getting lost.

Red-M said Friday it is teaming with Denmark's BlueTags to use Bluetooth to help manage and track luggage and to help find it when necessary. According to the companies, the system uses Bluetooth-enabled electronic baggage tags that secure, track and monitor items such as suitcases.

The suitcases can then communicate over wireless networks to aid in tracking them down should they get lost. The luggage tags can work along with scanning capabilities.

The company said the system will enable airlines to speed up baggage handling while reducing the risk of luggage being lost or stolen. It also will enable airlines to quickly find the owner of the lost baggage and get a message to them that the bag has been found.

Ultimately, the companies claim, the technology will enable airlines to offer passengers electronic check-in and ticketing.