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European Career Portal Claims a Million Users

[London, ENGLAND] European career portal jobpilot AG claimed Tuesday that it has topped the million-user mark, the first of its kind in Europe to do so.

The figures given by jobpilot include Web access statistics audited by ABC Interactive that show a jump in page impressions from 27 million in December 2000 to 41 million in January 2001.

However, before anyone starts to believe that all this traffic signals an upturn for the dot-com sector, it should be remembered that recruitment sites are fueled by lay-offs in the industry.

Currently, jobpilot offers over 125,000 CVs, none of which is older than three months.

"Because jobpilot offers comprehensive and up-to-date information, our users are interested in our career portal on a long-lasting basis," said Dr. Roland Metzger, chief executive of jobpilot AG.

In the U.K., jobpilot established a recruitment site in November 1999, publishing job vacancies and offering many other services including pre-selection, WAP-enabled job searches and advice for job seekers.

The parent company, jobpilot AG, was founded by Jobs & Adverts AG, one of Europe's largest online recruiters that has operated in the sector since 1995.

Jobpilot's acquisition of Virtual Village Ltd. has positioned it as a key operator in another sector: that of recruitment workflow management. It offers ASP solutions for posting online job advertisements, together with services such as the filtering of applications and organizing CVs for employers and staffing agencies.