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T-Online Wants to Become an Internet Media House

T-Online will assert its position as a leading European online service through new strategic goals and a focus on popular content which will in part cost money.

Furthermore, T-Online wants to take an early position on the market for mobile Internet use and interactive TV.

The CEO of T-Online, Thomas Holtrop, told the press yesterday, "We will use new, attractive content to build T-Online into an Internet media house. To do this, we'll work together with numerous content providers and construct our own Internet-specific program competency. Our goal is to increase the share of T-Online's portal turnover to over 30 percent by the year 2004."

The expansion of the content business will have top priority. New content attractions such as the "Follow Your Stars" format are about to be launched. With "Follow Your Stars," a camera will follow a star around for several days, and fans of the star will be able to take part in the life of their idol in real time.

The so-called vertical portals - that is, the special interest offers from T-Online with their news services - are also being expanded.

After T-Online's new strategy was introduced, the WGZ Bank proclaimed the business model to be "very questionable," and it will not change the stock's current "market performer" rating.

In a conversation with dpa-AFX, the German press agency's business news service, analyst Paul Sibianu said that the company has to move away from the marginally weak access market. As an alternative, T-Online should increase its turnover through advertising and in the area of e-commerce.