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Europe Gets Real Time Traffic Information Service on WAP

[London, ENGLAND] E-business consultancy Cambridge Technology Partners announced Tuesday the delivery of a multi-lingual WAP service to Touring Club Suisse, enabling drivers in Europe to get real time traffic information.

Touring Club Suisse, the Swiss automobile association, will provide the service to its 1.4 million members. As a result, users will be able to avoid typical traffic problems such as congestion, road works, accidents or extreme weather conditions.

Philippe Oertlé, head of communications at Touring Club Suisse, said his organization was keen to provide members with WAP-enabled traffic information because this medium is currently the most convenient way to keep drivers up to date while traveling.

"We turned to Cambridge for the solution as the company has successfully completed a number of projects for us and demonstrated a lot of wireless knowledge and experience," said Oertlé.

The new service is the first of its kind to be provided by an automobile association in Europe. Touring Club Suisse appears to be at the forefront of the information revolution, despite its antiquity. It was founded in 1896.

Jean-Louis Morel, an engagement partner at Cambridge Technology Partners, commented that the project has been both exciting and fast-paced.

"The multi-lingual requirement added an extra challenge, as did the need to support a wide range of WAP devices. The project was about 90 percent systems integration work and 10 percent WAP specific, which we find is the usual split for most WAP implementations," said Morel.

Designed specifically for phone access, the user interface is said to be simple to navigate, with all the information grouped geographically as well as by category -- such as road condition, road works, passes, tunnels, etc.

With 3,800 employees in 19 countries, Cambridge Technology Partners is one of the major operators in the market for global e-business solutions. Its 2000 revenues were US $586.6 million.

To use the new service developed for Touring Club Suisse, connect to www.waptcs.ch with a standard WAP phone.