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International Brief

Beaverton, Oregon-based Tektronix, Inc., a provider of test, measurement and monitoring equipment for global communications networks and Internet technologies, today announced it has increased its investment in its India operations for future software development.

The company plans to grow its existing Tektronix Engineering Development India Ltd. staff of engineers by 30% per year, over the next three years, creating a software development center that will coordinate product development with Tektronix engineers around the world.

Tektronix, like many multinational companies, will take advantage of India's large English-speaking IT talent pool. For several years, Tektronix has used the TEDI operations to leverage 24-hour product development cycles on specific programs. The expansion of this resource will enable Tektronix to align software development with the company's overall strategy and operations.

Meanwhile, a few hours North at Victoria, B.C.-based Worldbid.com, executives are continuing work on their entry into the Asian market with the launch of WorldbidThailand.com

Eric Cole, Director of Asian Business Development for Worldbid.com, pointed out that establishing an effective international website involves much more than simple translation. Local business practices and customs must also be taken into account and reflected in the interface of the site.

The company has teamed up with eThailand for the new Worldbid Site. According to Cole, the profile of eThailand.com's users matches that of Worldbid.com and makes the partnership an ideal fit.

"The staff at eThailand.com have been very effective in identifying areas where we can tailor our services for Thai businesspeople," said Cole.