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MicroStrategy Bows Java Edition for IBM Applications

The MicroStrategy SDK 7.1 Java edition bowed Tuesday, created to complement the IBM WebSphere Application Server.

The MicroStrategy product is the company's first entry into the Java marketplace and a step towards open standards, according to Robert Trenkamp, director of product management for the Vienna, Va.-based provider of ebusiness software.

"The product allows people to develop in a UNIX-environment, which means that any customer of IBM WebSphere or any developer in that environment can imbed business intelligence functionality into that application," he told internetnews.com. "We are very excited by this product. Java has come into its own in building out Web applications."

The new product is an extension of the MicroStrategy 7, a scalable business intelligence platform, Trenkamp added. "The SDK version features a Java-based application program interface (API) that developers can use to build Web reporting and business intelligence applications on multiple platforms," he said.

"The SDK features a completely open, XML-based architecture that makes it simple to customize or seamlessly integrate and extend MicroStrategy's technical capabilities into many existing Web, Windows or wireless solutions, enabling rapid deployment of custom applications," Trenkamp concluded "Additionally, the software allows customers to conduct analysis on business or sales trends, provide access to business reports, or allow an application to be deployed out to suppliers."

The WebSphere Application Server offerings includes the Standard Edition, which lets users incorporate Java servlets, JavaServer Pages and XML to quickly transform static Web sites into vital sources of dynamic Web content. The Advanced Edition, a high-performance Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) server for implementing EJB components, incorporates business logic. The Enterprise Edition integrates EJB and Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) components to build high-transaction, high-volume e-business applications.

The products are truly complementary, noted Paraic Sweeney, vice president of marketing, WebSphere software platform, IBM.

"This relationship will provide businesses with the power of the WebSphere software for e-business and the MicroStrategy SDK solution for building business intelligence applications," Sweeney said.