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CeBIT's Web Site Limped Toward the End of the Fair

[Hannover, GERMANY] -- One day before the fair was due to close, the official CeBIT web site was still having trouble delivering good performance because of high online demand.

CeBIT is an international trade fair that specializes in information technology and telecommunications technology.

High utilization all day long often caused transactions to exceed the average response time of eight seconds. A tendency toward shorter average times was not noticeable until after 3 p.m.

The rush on the Web shows that the offer was well accepted but that technology could not always keep up. Maximums of 107 seconds for exhibitor research and 53 seconds for homepage loading were recorded. This made it clear that even with average response times of three to eleven seconds, such extreme values were often possible. This meant users had to either be patient or fall back on printed fair catalogs.

The measurements ordered by de.internet.com were carried out by Mercury Interactive using the Web Performance Monitoring Service ActiveWatch.