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Wireless Security Technology Blended

Two vendors of digital security products said Monday they will work together to combine technologies to provide wireless security.

VeriSign Inc. said its Wireless Trust Services will use Elliptic Curve Cryptopgraphy (ECC) technology developed by Certicom. Specifically, VeriSign will attempt to market security products for wireless devices that use RSA-signed ECC digital certificates.

VeriSign develops infrastructure for secure Web sites while Certicom develops underlying security for a variety of computing applications. RSA is a widely used security technology in the desktop and wired environment and Certicom's ECC technology has been scaled for use on low-footprint wireless devices.

"For wireless e-commerce to succeed, application developers and service providers must deliver the same degree of trust and security which people have come to expect from the wired Internet," said Anil Pereira, senior vice president of VeriSign's enterprise and service provider division. "Our alliance with Certicom is designed to enable just that."

Separately, Openwave Systems Inc. announced it will include VeriSign's security products, particularly its digital certificate technology, in its Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser and server products.