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NRMA Serves CTP Online

SYDNEY -- Recently privatised general insurer NRMA is claiming to be the first in the Australian industry to make Compulsory Third Party (CTP) car insurance available in a beginning-to-end online transaction.

The new service allow users to "receive an insurance quote, complete CTP new business or renew their current policy online," said NRMA Insurance e-commerce customer offerings manager Ron Payne. He added that when armed with an Internet-ready computer and their credit card, the transaction can be completed in around 10 minutes.

Payne said the new service is a move to encourage NRMA's customers to use the Web and to support this drive the insurer has established an Internet Support Group, "an important feature in NRMA's e-commerce strategy" designed to provide help for users of its site.

The NRMA site's transaction capabilities extend on the insurer's information-based online services. Since August 2000, NRMA customers have been able to receive insurance quotes and renew their insurance online, and more recently the company added to these the ability for users to complete home buildings and home contents new business online.

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