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Found Wanting, Linux Guru Sounds Off on Apple MacOs X

SOUTH AFRICA -- Linux guru Linus Torvals recently delivered a scathing criticism of Apples new MacOS X.

"Its a piece of crap," stated Torvalds in no uncertain terms, referring to MacOS X's kernel, Mach. "The kernel contains all the design mistakes you can make, and manages to even make up a few of its own," he noted.

Such fearless denigration from Linux's head-honcho may seem incongruous given that the new-fangled Mac is Unix-based. In fact, the MacOS X has long been touted as the operating system that will bring Unix into the mainstream given Linux' failure to aid Unix on its way. Nonetheless, Torvald's criticism of the OS is ostensibly not unfounded given numerous reports attesting to its instability and lack of performance.

Despite version 1.0's promises of "unprecedented stability and performance" and "industrial strength Unix roots" it is expected that the long-awaited OS will only deliver come the release of the MacOS X 10.1 (codenamed Puma) later this year.

Apple has always been slating its competitor Microsoft for pumping the market full of faulty first-releases and allegedly 'patchy' software so it came as a bit of a shock to loyal Mac fans (who had been waiting nearly two decades for the new OS) when the MacOS X v1.0 finally hit the market replete with similar faults.

Here's hoping that 10.1 will restore lost faith and prove true to Apple's erstwhile standards.