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CheckM8 Introduces Customized Ad Platform on Israeli Website

HERZLIYA, ISRAEL -- CheckM8 said it has introduced a new online advertising technology on Israeli business news website The Marker. CheckM8 says its platform is an "end-to-end" solution that can adjust the location, appearance, movement and size of advertisements on a screen according to user device and behavior. The platform supports any size, shape and format of ads and positions ads on a user's screen according to remote instructions.

The company says its platform supports multi-campaigns according to user device, user behavior and page structure, the company said. The system also supports in-text inner-spots that can be positioned dynamically anywhere inside articles and text.

A company spokesman said the campaign on The Marker was built for users with screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels and a browser window entirely open. Users without those specifications do not see the ad. The campaign was created for Runway Telecom by interactive agency Next-in.

"CheckM8's platform enables us to create diverse and appealing non-intrusive campaigns with great ease," said Next-in chief executive Ran Berko.

Ilan Avramento of Runway Telecom said the campaign yielded 800 percent higher click-through rates than a previous campaign.

The system is running in several locations in Europe.

CheckM8's U.S. headquarters are in New Jersey, with research and development in Herzliya. Investors include Sumitomo Corp and UAF Media fund.