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Is Your Web Site Operational in Kelso?

Lake Oswego, Oregon-based eBizQuality today launched its eBizSentry Web site transaction monitoring service.

eBizSentry checks the speed and functionality of Web site transactions (as frequently as once every three minutes), giving its users a visitor's perspective of their Web site by monitoring it from remote locations around the globe.

Users are then notified if problems exist -- such as transaction steps running slow or not returning desired information.

Since eBizSentry is fully remote, users do not install any hardware or software, and transactions from other Web sites can be monitored to compare performance. Configuration and use of the service are all done at eBizQuality's website.

"Transactions such as purchasing, registration, and online bill paying have become a critical part, and often times the purpose, of today's Web sites," says Ely Shemesh, President & CEO of eBizQuality. "Website owners want to know that these transactions are working properly, and we are pleased to now provide an easy way to be assured of website transaction functionality."