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Audible Goes Wireless

Audible, which delivers audio content to computers, said Thursday that it would add the ability to deliver its digital content to wireless Net devices.

The company was showing its new AudibleWireless technology at the e-Learning Convention and Expo this week. Audible's content covers both popular items such as spoken-word books as well as materials for learning and for corporate uses, such as corporate research and sales updates.

"Our goal is to provide a fully functional delivery service using the current speed and bandwidth offered through most wireless networks," said Matthew Fine, Audible's senior vice president for enterprise sales.

The content works over Audible-enabled players and software add-ons, which currently are available for popular handheld platforms. The company provided no details about when the wireless technology would be rolled out to the public. The company initially is demonstrating the service on wireless-enabled Pocket PCs.