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Advisor Preps Business for Net Economy

Law firm Gilbert & Tobin has formed a consortium to launch an independent service designed to help small to medium businesses traipse through Web development toward a successful site.

The eCom-Advisor site canvases the core information the consortium has considered businesses need to move into the Internet economy. Its content covers the preparation and assessment of different types of Web sites so a business can determine what it needs; choosing and Application Service Provider; Internet business planning and gearing operations for the Net economy; initial development and maintenance of a site; and onto more long term considerations including customer relations and e-commerce strategies.

Joining Gilbert & Tobin in the consortium behind eCom-Advisor is PC World and technology and media company evive.

The site is designed to provide "practical and easily understood advice on the most sensible way to transfer part or all of a business to the Internet," said Gilbert & Tobin partner Brent Fisse. "It identifies and helps businesses avoid many of the potential traps of going online.

"E-business is a crucial aspect of the future of any growing company. But e-commerce is more than setting up a Web site. Careful planning is essential," added Fisse.

It is this last point that is the core theme behind eCom-Advisor. Particularly in the current harsher economic climate, any investment a business makes must provide a certain return on investment to justify its existence. With the site, the consortium is keen for e-commerce to be seen as a crucial part of this business growth and so has developed the site as an educational resource.

The site's content has been prepared by Gilbert & Tobin and is divided into four key areas of guidance - business strategy, technical, legal and marketing. The program itself includes industry reports as well as local and international case studies to point to practical examples of e-commerce at work within business, and the consortium is looking to include a marketplace of suppliers able to provide online quotes for service.