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HKNet Doubles Bandwidth Capacity

HONG KONG -- Hong Kong Internet service provider HKNet, a joint venture of Japan's NTT Communications and Hong Kong's CCT Telecom Holdings, has announced a two-fold increase in its international bandwidth capacity from 91Mbps to 173Mbps, enabling its 400,000 subscribers to enjoy speedier and wider bandwidth access, and reliable connectivity to enhance their Internet experience.

Together with HKNet's high-speed 2Gbps network connections to the Hong Kong Internet eXchange (HKIX) implemented late last year, HKNet's international connections now include a 100Mbps link to NTT Communications, one T3 (45Mbps) international private leased circuit connecting to Verio in the U.S., a 20Mbps ATM connection to Teleglobe, and an 8Mbps ATM link directly to Netplus, providing customers with a total enhanced international bandwidth of 173Mbps, company officials said.

HKNet has also provided broadband users with faster installation and contract-free broadband service as they are able to have broadband connectivity within two weeks of registering for the service.

To accommodate the exponential demand for broadband service, HKNet has also set up an Installation Guide on its Web site for DIY users to install their broadband service at any time and anywhere they choose to.