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iSoftel All Set To Take On Fast-Growing China Market

Singapore Mainboard-listed iSoftel Wednesday officially launched its Beijing office, which will offer the Chinese telecoms market iSoftel's range of prepaid/postpaid and billing solutions, as well as Beijing Linkhead Information Technologies' call center management systems.

iSoftel (Beijing) Limited is expected to take advantage of the lucrative Chinese telecoms market which, according to the company, has a growth rate that exceeds that of the country's economy by up to 30 percent.

China's six operators provide basic communications services nationwide, and the nearly 3,000 companies engaging in Internet and other value-added services have accelerated the development of the telecoms industry and now provide a wealth of opportunities for solutions providers.

iSoftel's likely acquisition of Beijing-headquartered Linkhead, first announced in January this year, is expected to bring more than seven years of experience in the design, development, marketing and solution support for converged voice and data service providers in the Chinese telecoms industry and a customer base of more than 50,000 ports.

Linkhead's sales offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chendu, Shen Yang, Wu Han, and Xian have managed to secure major customer wins that include wireline carriers such as the regional offices for China Telecom, wireless operators such as the regional offices for China Mobility and Unicom, ISPs such as ChinaOnLine, and service bureaus.

"Linkhead, with its expertise in designing call center systems, will further extend our global strategy and strengthen iSoftel's position in the rapidly growing arena of carrier solutions," said iSoftel Chief Executive Officer Kevin Chia. "iSoftel will be able to provide a more complete range of solutions to our global customers with the establishment of the call center management systems."

Goh Bee Tin, iSoftel's chief financial officer, told asia.internet.com the company is currently conducting due diligence and that the acquisition process is progressing "toward the tail end." Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Linkhead acquisition is expected to be finalized within the next two months, she said.

Brian Lin, president of iSoftel (Beijing) Ltd, added, "We are confident that the integration of iSoftel's products and Linkhead's call center systems will benefit the customers in China, as well as those in other countries."