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Infineon Adds New Bluetooth Components to BlueMoon

Infineon Technologies announced Wednesday that it will expand its line of BlueMoon products with four new Bluetooth components.

The BlueMoon Single combines a base-band DSP, the HF portion, memory and software and addressed applications for which space-saving Bluetooth solutions are necessary, such as mobile phones or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). The architecture is based on the base-band technology qualified in accordance with Bluetooth V1.1, as well as the software from the BlueMoon I chipset and a new HF portion which was realized in CMOS.

The BlueMoon Single offers integrated, ROM-based memory and an external Flash interface for rapid prototyping and early production. The link manager and the HCI (Host Controller Interface) are implemented in the firmware. The BlueMoon Single also has a 920 Kbaud UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) for data transfer and a PCM interface for speech.

The BlueMoon multimedia chipset is constructed especially for PC and multimedia applications such as those in laptops, digital cameras or MP3 players. It has an integrated ARM7 microcontroller and a software API (Application Programming Interface). This makes it able to function as a host and to integrate application software. The chipset supports USB, parallel and serial ports.

Together with an HF transceiver from Infineon, data rates of up to 4 mbps should be possible according to manufacturer specifications.