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Wi-LAN Gains Ground in China

Wi-LAN, Inc., a Calgary, Canada based provider of WLAN technology and products, announced Wednesday the release of its newest wireless Ethernet bridge for the booming market in China. The Wi-LAN AWE 120-58 is a 12 Mbps wireless Ethernet bridge. The bridge was recently approved for use in China in the 5.8 MHz ISM frequency band by the State Regulatory Radio Commission (SRRC). The SRRC regulates spectrum allocation licensing in China.

Wi-LAN, in conjunction with its gold certified channel partner Wincomm Communications, Inc., aims to continue to build out the wireless communications infrastructure in China. Wincomm, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a systems integrator, providing sales, marketing, and training to the Chinese telecom industry. Wincomm has an established sales network through which it will distribute Wi-LAN's products.

The AWE 120-58 provides advanced signal reception and high data throughput, according to the companies. Wi-LAN is targeting the product as an ISP or state enterprise solution for installing high speed wireless data communications. It can also be used for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or backhaul solutions.

Wi-LAN's certification in this license-exempt 5.8 GHz ISM frequency band puts the company in a favorable position to take an agressive stance in capturing this large Asian market. The company plans to continue to manufacture and distribute products for the telecommunications industry in China and recently implemented some management changes to support this effort.