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Right Projects, People Crucial to IT Planning

At the start of every new year, IT managers and C-level managers outline the key project initiatives they want and need to grow sales and reduce operating expenses. Project Manager Planet columnist Ron Ponce of Fog City Consulting lays out the keys to a successful implementation.

2010 has arrived and the focus is to make sure those initiative selected at the end of 2009 get executed in order to realize their objectives. Many of those initiatives focus on growing revenue, increasing profits, expanding market share, growing the sales pipeline, or driving client satisfaction higher. At this point these initiatives are all just great ideas, they need to be staffed, launched, and most importantly they need to be executed perfectly.

Execution is the one item that truly separates out those that rise to the top from those that flounder in the world of what could have been.

Execution in business in this case is all about being able to manage each initiative or project effectively and successfully from start to finish. Project management methodologies, infrastructure, skills, and tools are what determine successful track record of execution. We see evidence of a poor track record of executing corporate projects on a daily basis from a flood of articles and news stories that detail the adverse impact that poor execution has on a business.

One common story that outlines the impact would be an organization having to report a miss in revenue expectations because a product shipped late. That same report also results in flood poor publicity and hit to client satisfaction because of the missed commitment. It is important to not allow your business or initiatives to fall victim to the failure of poor execution especially when it can be prevented!

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