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Looking at the Advantages of a True Saas Solution

As demand for cloud services grows, many established vendors are selling old wares as new. As independent software vendors (ISVs) attempt to decipher their roles as service providers rather than product vendors, many are hedging their bets by porting their existing packaged applications on third-party hosting systems like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and selling it as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Business decision-makers should be aware of this practice known as "cloud washing" and understand the true advantages of SaaS. They include a "pay as you go" subscription pricing; frequent software enhancements based on customer feedback and industry innovation; a robust user community that permits application users to share tools or best practices; the ability to capture common use data in order that customers and developers can optimize operations.
Unlike past tech trends, the rapid growth of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and broader Cloud Computing market is being driven by real customer demand rather than overhyped vendor promises.

However, rising adoption of these 'on-demand' service alternatives to traditional, on-premise software and systems is attracting a widening array of established 'legacy' vendors who too often are simply rebranding or repackaging their existing products and not fulfilling the real potential of today’s best SaaS and Cloud Computing solutions.

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