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Red Hat Takes Command

Linux vendor Red Hat is revising its remote-monitoring capability in an updated offering. Red Hat Command Center is a hosted offering that provides remote monitoring of IT infrastructure servers and applications.

The new version gets additional monitoring capabilities as well as a new pricing structure, as Red Hat grapples with competition from Oracle and others trying to manage systems remotely.

"Red Hat Command Center is a hosted service, not an on premises software offering," Donald Fischer, vice president of online services at Red Hat, explained to internetnews.com. "For the subset of services that require a lightweight local agent to be installed on the system in order to enable monitoring, that agent is implemented with standard open source technology."

The new version of Command Center includes new application monitoring probes for the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 release, as well as JBoss 4 and Oracle 10g. Red Hat Command Center can also manage Apache HTTP and Tomcat servers, as well as network services, such as DNS and SNMP .

It's not just about monitoring Red Hat Linux installations, either. Command Center has support for monitoring Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris and VMWare ESX platforms.

In addition to more monitoring capabilities, Red Hat has changed the pricing model for Command Center. Instead of multiple offers and prices, Red Hat now has a $192 per year subscription for monitoring unlimited services on a server with free up/down monitoring for all systems on a network with the purchase of one system subscription.

Fischer noted that small enterprise and SMB customers are Red Hat's target for Command Center. They are also going to go after hosting and managed service providers.

Red Hat hinted earlier this year that a new online offering was in the works. Command Center is considered to be complementary to Red Hat's overall management efforts, including its Red Hat Network, which does Enterprise Linux management.

Competitors of Red Hat, including Oracle, have upped the ante in the management game this year. In January Oracle expanded its Enterprise Manager product to provide support for managing Oracle and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.