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SCO Updates OpenServer

Just because a company is under bankruptcy protection and is trying to sell off its assets doesn't mean it's out of business.

Embattled Unix vendor SCO is rolling out a maintenance pack update this week for its OpenServer 6 Unix server. The maintenance pack is the third such update to OpenServer 6 since SCO released the operating system in 2005.

Among the new enhancements that SCO is shipping with the Maintenance pack 3 for OpenServer 6 is an improved Xenix emulation mode. Xenix is an older version of Unix that actually originated with Microsoft back in 1980. With the new emulator applications that could run on the older OpenServer 5 will now run on OpenServer version 6.

SCO has also updated a number of key open source applications that ship with OpenServer, including the Windows file-sharing tool Samba 3.0.20, PHP 5.2.3, OpenSSH 4.6p1, and the desktop KDE 3.5.6 GUI.

"This significant development incorporates many customer-requested enhancements that make this a very powerful OpenServer update," Sandy Gupta, president of SCO operations, said in a statement.

"Feedback during the beta process indicated that a number of solution providers will now be able to certify their OpenServer 5 applications on OpenServer 6, making it a smooth upgrade path for a large number of our customers running older releases."

SCO did not return repeated requests for comment. But the company has been busy lately.

The Unix vendor is struggling for its survival after going into bankruptcy protection in mid-September. In its defense SCO is trying to raise funds by selling off its Unix business for as much as $36 million.

SCO is also contending with multiple NASDAQ de-listing warnings. On Nov. 8, SCO will find out for sure whether or not the de-listing will occur.