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Totally Hip Acquires Design Tools and Designer Too

Totally Hip Software signed a letter of intent to acquire James Rafferty's private software development company, including six new Windows-based Web design tools.

Rafferty will also be joining Totally Hip.

Rafferty founded Cricket Software, whose technology was later adopted by Adobe Persuasion. He was also co-founder and VP of Software Engineering at C-Cube Microsystems, where he was responsible for the team that engineered the software implementation of the JPEG algorithm. He later developed compression/decompression technology that was sold to Microsoft, Silicon Graphics and Media Vision.

"This acquisition is the first phase in our strategic plan for rapid growth over the next year and the economics are incredibly compelling. We instantly add a proven industry veteran to our team and acquire six new Web design tools to complement our award winning WebPainter product line," said Brian Leeners, president of Totally Hip Software.

"Certain industry giants have stated that they miscalculated the Web design tool market, and we see this as an opportunity to accelerate our plans to become a dominant player in this high-growth market. Rafferty is a proven team player with the expertise to build high-quality, reliable software products that command customer loyalty and brand recognition."

The new products will be introduced over the next year on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.