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Sun Delivers Java EE 6

We knew it was coming -- it was just a matter of when. But Sun did more than just release the latest version of Java EE. Developer.com has the details about what else Sun introduced today, along with a look at what to expect from the first major update of Java EE in three years.

Java EE 6 is now a done deal.

On the heels of last week's vote to ratify the new Java specification, Sun Microsystems, the leader of the Java community, today formally announced the release of Java EE 6.

Along with the news, Sun today also released Glassfish version 3—the first Java EE 6-compliant Java server—as well as NetBeans 6.8 IDE, which also includes full Java EE 6 support.

With the releases, Sun (NASDAQ: JAVA) is providing the first major update to the Java EE platform in over three years. This month also marks another significant milestone with the tenth anniversary of the first J2EE release (the former name of Java EE) in 1999.

"Java EE 6 is important for many reasons, not the least of which is that it continued the development, maturation and innovation of the standard for enterprise Java development," Kevin Schmidt, director of product management and marketing for Sun's Application Platform organization, said during a conference call with press this morning. "Java EE 6 adds new services like RESTful Web Services, dependency injection and annotation additions for servlets, further reducing the amount of code that a developer must write."

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