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Jaspersoft Refreshes BI Platform

The open source business intelligence provider's Jaspersoft 3.7 release is giving enterprise customers more options, including multidimensional data analysis and an enterprise-specific edition and a jpivots graphical front-end tool that lets users create pivot tables and multidimensional views.

Open source business intelligence vendor Jaspersoft is out today with a new release of its namesake platform, adding new features and a new enterprise-specific edition.

Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile told InternetNews.com that there are more than 25 feature enhancements in Jaspersoft 3.7, such as expanded in-memory analysis capabilities, including new methods of multidimensional data analysis.

The new capabilities build on features that first debuted with the Jaspersoft 3.5 release in April 2009. He said some of the in-memory enhancements made in the 3.7 were ideas that Jaspersoft had back in the 3.5 timeframe but simply didn't have the time to implement.

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