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Open Source Business Models Going to the Core

A lot's changed in the world open source over the past several years. Chief among them is a decline in the reliance on dual-licensing arrangements, while so-called "open core" model is gaining strength. That's according to a new study by the 451 Group, which last looked at the industry in 2008.

The change is critical for the open source movement's efforts to grow, despite its implicit reliance on proprietary code. LinuxPlanet takes a look.

Over the last couple of years a number of different open source business strategies have evolved. According to the 451 Group, it's an evolution that includes the broader adoption and usage of open source overall by both open source and proprietary software vendors.

Back in 2008, the 451 Group put out a landmark report on open source business strategies. According to 451 Group analyst Matt Aslett there has been some change since then. Among the changes is a decline in the dual-licensing strategy that was once a popular business strategy for vendors aiming to profit from their open source technologies.

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