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Red Hat Takes JBoss to the Next Level

Red Hat this week is taking the wraps off of new updates to three of its JBoss offerings, focusing on enhancing its tools for developers, SOA, and Web servers.

The move is all about upping the productivity of JBoss users, Red Hat says. JBoss Developer Studio 3.0 (JBDS), for instance, is now better suited for developing for SOA, with new wizards and other tweaks designed to speed development.

ServerWatch takes a look.

The new updates include the JBoss SOA Platform 5.0, Enterprise Web Platform 5.0 and JBoss Developer Studio (JBDS) 3.0 releases. At the core of Red Hat's product updates are features and enhancements that aim to optimize the products and make them more usable.

"The theme of the announcement is giving IT greater productivity, visibility and control," Pierre Fricke, Red Hat's JBoss SOA product line director told InternetNews.com. "Developer and administrator productivity have been improved and that's important from a cost and time-to-market perspective."

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