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Mozilla Shares Insight Into Firefox Usage

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers on the planet, and thanks to Mozilla's meticulous keeping of stats and statistics on its usage, we can get a glimpse into how the open source browser's fans are using it. For instance, although Firefox averages a global market share of 30 percent, it's absolutely dominant in Antarctica, with an 80 percent share. (Of course, Antarctica isn't exactly the largest Web browser market.)

Datamation takes a look at these and other revelations in Mozilla's latest State of the Internet report.

With over 350 million users of its open source Firefox Web browser worldwide, Mozilla is a group that has some insight into the state of the Internet, a topic explored in some depth in its new report issued this week.

The Q1 2010 Mozilla State of the Internet report sheds light on both the adoption and usage of Firefox globally. The data in the report is a combination of both Mozilla's own stats as well as leveraging data from StatCounter, Quantcast, Net Applications, and Gemius for global market share. Averaging all the reported global browser share data sets, Mozilla has determined that Firefox has a global market share of 30 percent.

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