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Memcashed Startup NorthScale Lands New CEO

Open source memcached efforts continue to draw interest from investors, who see the potential market growing for distributed caching technology.

The latest example is NorthScale, a memcached startup that has secured an additional $10 million in its latest round of venture funding, and snagged a new CEO, Bob Wiederhold. Developer.com has the story on NorthScale and where it thinks memcached technology is heading.

The market for solutions based on the open source memcached distributed caching technology project is continuing to attract interest from investors and commercial vendors. Today, memcached-based startup NorthScale announced that it had raised an additional $10 million in venture funding and that Bob Wiederhold would be taking the reins as the new CEO.

NorthScale officially began operation in March of this year. While NorthScale is a commercial entity, the new CEO and his team remain committed to contributing back to the core open source memcached project as well. NorthScale develops its own version of memcached as well as a commercial high-performance, distributed key-value database called the NorthScale Membase Server.

With the new funds and CEO, NorthScale is aiming to grow the market of memcached-based technologies, though it's not alone: Other players in the memcached market include Schooner and Gear6. But NorthScale believes it may have an inside edge.

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Open Source Memcached Vendor NorthScale Gets New CEO and $10 Million