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CouchDB Heads to the Cloud With Couchio

With a new cloud-hosting service, Couchio is trying to lower the entry barriers for developers to deploy open source CouchDB projects as it looks to fuel the momentum of the NoSQL database movement.

And Couchio's not content just to make it easier, but is intent on the process being "dead simple," according to its founder.

Database Journal takes a look at Couchio's new cloud-based hosting service for CouchDB projects.

According to its motto, the underlying premise behind the open source CouchDB NoSQL database is about helping developers "relax" -- chiefly by providing them with a simple, powerful database alternative.

To better help achieve that goal, Couchio, a commercial entity led by the founder of the Apache CouchDB project, is now launching a cloud hosting project to make it easier to ramp up CouchDB projects.

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CouchDB Moves to the Cloud With Couchio