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Yahoo Declares Hadoop is 'Enterprise-Ready'

The hundreds of millions of consumers that visit Yahoo's home page and its other digital properties every day probably don't give a lot of thought to what drives the delivery of specific content to their desktop and mobile screens.

But behind the scenes Yahoo's thousands of servers leverage a distributed file system called Hadoop to deliver millions of unique pages based on user's preferences. As developer.com reports, Yahoo has released a new beta version of Hadoop that's already been battle-tested by the Web giant's need to process terabytes of "big data" every day. The addition of new security features and workflow management software promises to lead to broader enterprise adoption of the open source software.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Yahoo unveiled a new beta version of Hadoop, the open source, distributed filesystem that the Web giant created and has used internally for years to power its homepage and numerous other online assets.

The new version, announced here Tuesday at the Yahoo's annual Hadoop developer conference, integrates Kerberos open source software, which the company said will enable more secure collaboration and sharing of authenticated data.

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Yahoo Tightens Up Hadoop for Security, Workflow Management