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Oracle's Agenda Favors NetBeans and Eclipse

Should developers that use NetBeans be concerned that Oracle, which supports the competing Eclipse IDE, now owns Sun Microsystems which led development of NetBeans?

Oracle sees different sets of customers for the two open source developer environments for Java.

As developer.com reports, Oracle recently unveiled a new release of NetBeans that was already in the works before its purchase of Sun. The software's open source heritage will continue under Oracle which said it's committed to working with the broader developer community on future releases.

As Oracle continues to consolidate the assets of Sun Microsystems, questions about which technologies will go and which ones will stay are still being asked. One such technology that could be at risk is the open source NetBeans IDE , which competes against the Eclipse IDE and its ecosystem, which Oracle also supports.

In the middle of June, Oracle released the Netbeans IDE 6.9 update providing new features for the IDE.

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Oracle Commits to Further NetBeans IDE Development