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Faster Apache Cayenne 3 for Java Framework

It's been almost four years since the last major Cayenne release. But as developer.com reports, the new 3.0 version is a big step forward for the open source Java framework.

Specific improvements include enhanced performance and ease of use. Cayenne has already proven itself for what the company says is any Java application that needs robust database access. The article also takes a look at what will be in the next version of Cayenne, 3.1, that's already in development.

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) on Wednesday officially announced Apache Cayenne 3.0, promising new features and improvements to the open source Java framework.

Cayenne provides object relational mapping (ORM) as well as caching and persistence features for Java applications. With the new release, the Apache project is enhancing performance and making the framework easier to use.

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Apache Cayenne 3 Delivers New Features for Java ORM