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Will Tools Alliance Lead to Better Software?

Ensuring software quality can require a lot of tools because not all of them are looking for the same kinds of defects.

As DevX reports, two software development tools providers are teaming up on a solution they say will improve the quality of code, performance and identify security issues. Scans from Coverity and Armorize engines can be combined into a developer workflow to assign and prioritize tasks for fixing the code. Results of a scan can also be leveraged to defend live assets.

Not all types of static-analysis tools are looking for the same types of software defects. Some defects affect overall code quality and performance, while others may look to tighten up security.

In a new effort to pair the two, software vendors Coverity and Armorize Technologies are partnering to deliver a two-pronged static-analysis solution that both improves code quality and remediates security defects.

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Software Firms Team for Security, Quality Code Analysis