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Mule 3.0 ESB Debuts With Cloud, REST Support

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  • MuleSoft is out with a new upgrade to its enterprise service bus this week, touting major improvements for developers and new cloud capabilities.

    With the Mule 3.0 ESB, MuleSoft is expanding support for REST Web services, offering developers new integration with technologies like JSON and the Oauth authorization scheme. The open source release is a prelude to the commercial enterprise version that Mule is planning to bring to market in the coming months. DevX takes a look.

    Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a technology that performs a critical role in SOA architectures, enabling data and message integration.

    With the open source Mule 3.0 release this week, software vendor MuleSoft is aiming to expand the usability of its ESB with new REST and cloud integration capabilities.

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    Mule Heads to the Clouds With New Open Source ESB Release