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Red Hat-Backed Fedora Debuts Beta 14 Release

The beta version of Fedora 14 might not be the flashiest release the Red Hat-sponsored community Linux distribution has seen, but it promises many utilitarian updates, including support for the most up-to-date open source programming languages.

Fedora 14 also includes support for the SPICE virtualization technology that Red Hat acquired through the 2008 acquisition of Qumranet, as well as other "incremental" virtualization and security upgrades. Linux Planet has the story.

The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux community distribution is out this week with the first beta of the Fedora 14 release. The new distribution updates key applications and introduces new security and virtualization capabilities as well as support for the latest open source programming languages.

"A lot of the features in Fedora 14 are more under-the-covers type plumbing that needed to be done," Jared Smith, Fedora Project Leader, told InternetNews.com. "There are not a lot of new desktop-centric features in this release."

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