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Ubuntu Founder Charts a Course for the Future

Just where is Ubuntu heading? Founder Mark Shuttleworth made some waves on Monday with the announcement that the distribution would adopt the Unity desktop shell in lieu of the familiar Gnome shell.

But Shuttleworth's vision doesn't end there. Speaking to reporters from the annual Ubuntu Developer Summit, Shuttleworth laid out his goals of broadening the Linux distribution to new form factors and expanding the developer ecosystem. Linux Planet takes a look.

One of the reasons Ubuntu developers gather at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) is to figure out what the next version of their Linux distribution should be about.

At the Natty UDS currently underway in Florida, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has provided a new desktop direction with a move to the Unity shell, instead of the GNOME Shell. Moving beyond just the user interface, Shuttleworth has also shared some insight into where he sees Ubuntu headed in the next five years.

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