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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Gets a Makeover

Enterprises are always on the hunt for technology that will improve the workflow of their operations, and Red Hat is hoping to oblige. The open source firm has released the latest version of its JBoss Enterprise Portal -- version 5.1 -- promising a spate of improvements over the June release of version 5.0.

One new feature is the Site Publisher add-on technology, which focuses on content management, giving business users a simple interface with which to enter content and upload ti to the portal. The new version also includes significant mobile enhancements. DevX takes a look at Red Hat's latest JBoss release.

Enterprise Linux and open source middleware vendor Red Hat is updating its JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform with a new 5.1 release. The new release follows the 5.0 release, which came out in June of this year, and provides new enhancements to help enterprises with workflow and content management.

The new Site Publisher add-on technology was included as a technical preview in the 5.0 portal release and with 5.1 is now a fully supported technology. With the new capabilities, Red Hat is aiming to further improve portal usability for enterprise users.

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Red Hat Updates JBoss Enterprise Portal 5.1