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Novell Moonlight Adds Linux Silverlight Support

Linux users looking to run Microsoft's Silverlight media framework on their machines got a boost this week.

Novell this week released its Moonlight 4 Preview, an open source implementation of Microsoft's technology, which offers APIs for Silverlight 3 and a substantive early version of Silverlight 4.

"We're finished with 3.0 APIs for Silverlight 3 and the preview is also showcasing half the APIs we need for Silverlight 4.0," explained Miguel de Icaza, Novell Moonlight's project leader. "We probably have the most important 4.0 APIs, so people should be able to use it for day-to-day use."

With the Moonlight 4 Preview, users can run Silverlight outside of the browser.

Code Guru has the details on Novell's latest release, and why it skipped from Moonlight 2 straight to Moonlight 4.

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