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Novell openSUSE 11.4 Offers Hybrid Distro Model

Novell's openSUSE will soon offer more users immediate access to its latest features without having to wait for a milestone update.

That's because with the release of openSUSE 11.4, Novell is offering a capability it's calling Project Tumbleweed, which offers users an alternative to the stable release cycle, much the way Arch Linux and Gentoo do.

"With Tumbleweed you can turn openSUSE into a rolling release distribution," explained Jos Poortvliet, openSUSE community manager.

However, Poortvliet was quick to point out that the rolling release cycle is not for everyone, that it has a "slightly higher chance of breakage," which may make it undesirable for users who run openSUSE on a server, for instance.

Linux Planet has the full report on Novell's openSUSE 11.4.

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