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Eyewonder Intros Streaming Banner Ads

EyeWonder Inc. this week introduces an online advertising campaign for HookMedia utilizing video and audio streaming in banner advertisements.

EyeWonder's streaming video and audio is delivered instantly, eliminating the end-user need to download a player or plug-ins. The company's Java-based technology is platform and browser independent with a small decoder size, allowing for the delivery of streaming video and audio regardless of bandwidth or connection speed.

HookMedia, Inc. selected top Internet sites on which to feature the debut of EyeWonder's interactive technology. The campaign features instant video and audio streaming within banner advertisements that will appear on sites including individual.com, Lycos.com, hotwired.com and webmonkey.com.

"HookMedia is always looking for better ways to improve our clients' online ad campaign," said Don Epperson, president and founder of HookMedia. "EyeWonder's Java based technology has heightened the level of interactivity on the Internet enabling our clients to create TV-like impressions via streaming video and audio with a tracking and targeting capability that's only possible on the Internet."

EyeWonder streams over today's narrowband connections to the Internet, delivering a Java applet that takes up less than 25K for both audio and video. The applet is delivered at connection speeds as low as 28kbps, reaching more than 90 percent of Internet users.

"EyeWonder technology takes rich media online advertising to a new level," said John Vincent, chief executive officer and founder, EyeWonder. "EyeWonder seamlessly delivers streaming video and audio to the end user, allowing advertisers to generate stronger brand impressions, ultimately leading to increased click through rates."